Real Estate Agent Bios

Real Estate Agent Bios

Engage potential buyers and sellers with a dynamic bio that communicates trust and credibility.

Whether you’re a brand new real estate agent just entering the industry, or a seasoned professional with 20 years of selling experience, having a marketing tool such as a bio is critical for your business presence. Your real estate agent bio can set you apart in the competitive marketplace, both online and offline. By sharing your story and personal mission as a real estate agent, you engage your potential clients, as they learn more about you and why they should want to work with you!

Here are three reasons why you need well-written real estate agent bio:

◦ Lends a professional edge to your sales presentations
◦ It provides important value for SEO (search engine optimization) on your website
◦ It provides a quick way for new clients to learn about you

What should your professional real estate agent bio say?

Sharing the reasons why you joined the industry and want to help others find their dream home or investment property are just one aspect of a well-rounded real estate agent bio. Ideally, you want to include:

◦ Brief introduction on your title and agency or company you work for.

◦ Outline of day to day tasks and your areas of practice (commercial real estate, residential real estate). If you specialize in a specific niche such as the luxury market or investment property, you would outline this here.

◦ Brief description of your work background. For new agents, if you came from another industry, briefly describe your expertise and how it can pertain to real estate.

◦ Special awards or achievements you’ve earned in the industry, if any.

◦ Any volunteer or community activities you’re involved with.

◦ What you like to do outside of work, personal hobbies or interests.

Are you a new real estate agent and not sure what to write in your real estate agent bio? Writing a professional bio for a new real estate agent just entering the profession can be somewhat challenging, especially if writing isn’t his or her forte. What do you talk about if you’re new to the business and want to attract new clients? Watch our short video for some tips!

What should you include in your real estate agent bio?

◦ Previous work history
◦ Neighborhoods of specialty
◦ Their mission and why they decided to join the business
◦ What they love about working with people
◦ Personal interests and hobbies

At the end of the day, your potential clients should have an idea of why they want to work with you and what makes you special and knowledgeable in the industry. Remember, a well-written real estate bio isn’t a resume! It should be thoughtful and share your story in an engaging, meaningful way.

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We provide two formats:

Long form bios (1 page)

Short bios (1-2 paragraphs) 



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