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Our copywriters know exactly what to write to make your story come alive. WeWriteBios.com works with professionals of all types, from CEOs and IT directors to actors and real estate agents. Our goal is to help our clients shine in their respective industries.

Our process is simple:

Select your bio format. 

Process your payment via our secure online checkout.

We’ll contact you to verify your order. Depending on the type of bio you select, we’ll contact you to schedule the phone interview or request additional information.

We’ll begin crafting your professional bio!

We'll send you the draft of the bio to review for any changes you’d like. You receive up to three (3) revisions included with the cost of the bio.

Once you’ve approved, we’ll finalize your bio for publishing!

We offer several formats:

Creative Bios: These bios are 300-400 words in length and require a short phone interview. These are geared toward the creative professional, or someone looking for a bio with a little flair and doesn't want a lot of resume-level detail. We also work with any supplemental materials the client provides.


Short Bios: These bios provide a short overview (150-200 words) and are perfect for the brief bio section on a website or a LinkedIn profile. We work with any materials you provide. This bio is not suited to be used for a company profile or a bio requiring resume-level detail. 

Executive Package: Includes a long bio (300-400 words) and short bio (150-200 words). Comes with a phone interview.

Executive Bios: These bios are 300-400 words in length and are geared toward an executive or C-suite professional. They require a short phone interview. We also work with any supplemental materials the client provides, such as a resume or CV.

Company Bios: These are profiles describing a business or organization, perfect for the "About Us" page of a company website, a brochure, presentation, or any other marketing materials. They are usually 250-300 words and require a short phone interview.

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