Breaking it Down: Sample Interior Designer Bio 

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An interior designer is an artist; they can turn a space into a paradise or something out of Dante’s Inferno, depending on your tastes. An interior designer’s vast and multifaceted knowledge must be continuously applied to the latest trend. The foundation of their knowledge never changes, but how they apply trends is part of the secret to their success. In this sample interior designer bio, this first paragraph addresses all the essential information we need to know.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.  

Bringing her multifaceted lifestyle expertise in interiors, real estate, and fashion, Lydia Ketchum’s ability to stay ahead of design trends has made her invaluable to clients and a force to be reckoned with. As CEO and founder of leading interior design firm Lydia Ketchum & Co, Lydia has brought her unique brand of taste to the city of Dallas. 

Since this is a short sample interior designer bio, everything is condensed and described early in the bio. So in this next paragraph, all pertinent information is clearly identified, and enough about the journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur to make the bio a fascinating read.

A graduate of the Institute of Merchandise and Design, Lydia began her career as a fashion buyer. She ultimately held executive roles with several national retailers before opening Summer Place, her successful chain of resort wear in the Hamptons. Her sharp eye for the Hamptons lifestyle drove the success of the clothing chain for over 13 years, and it wasn’t long before she began to attract clients asking for her expertise in other areas, specifically their homes. 

The penultimate paragraph gives the reader who Lydia is as an individual. Some of the information might be about business, but what she does says a lot about Lydia. She knows what people want, has a flair for style regardless of the venue, and is also savvy in growing a business. Not every interior designer is like Lydia.  

Building on her flair for design and a sharp instinct for what clients want, she transitioned to a career in commercial and oceanfront residential advisory work, selling high-end homes and commercial spaces. Ultimately opening up her own consultancy firm, her business continued to grow in leaps and bounds, and she eventually expanded the company into the interior design firm Lydia Ketchum & Co. With offices in Dallas and New York, Lydia splits her time between the two areas. 

The last paragraph is a great way to leave a lasting impression that Lydia is a successful interior designer and a kind, mindful humanitarian who makes the world a better place.

When Lydia is not busy putting her special touch on client spaces, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, playing tennis, and giving back to the community. She sits on the board of directors for the Aging Mind Foundation and has served as a CASA advocate for foster children.

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