The Genius of the Press Release Writer

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We’d like to ask you a quick question. Consider the last news article about a great new product or a monumental business merger. Who do you think is behind that interesting scoop you just read? The journalists? Perhaps the CEO? If one of these was your answer, you were wrong – it’s the genius of the press release writer!

press release writer

A press release writer communicates news or updates about a company, product, event, or person in a way that captures the media’s attention. The media can be journalists, bloggers, influencers, or publications that might be interested in the press release. 

You could say that the writer is the bridge between a company’s complex achievements and the intended audience. The writer has to know how to craft the perfect narrative, a mixture of facts woven into the written dialogue that captures the attention of the targeted audience. 

In the digital age, where information is abundant, grabbing someone’s attention is no easy feat. Then, keeping your audience’s attention while informing is akin to a miracle. Yet the writer can do this over and over again. And it’s not just about good writing; they must understand the industry they are writing for—making them part detective and part expert in many fields.

Since the media landscape keeps changing, the press release writer must be able to adapt to various platforms, ensuring the news reaches the targeted audiences, be it through traditional news outlets, blogs, or social media.

A company’s reputation can hinge on how well its news is presented in the press release. So, if you ever need a story to shine and get the attention of the right people, remember the magic touch of the press release writer. They’re the silent narrators of the corporate world, bringing every story to life.

Interested in talking to a press release writer? Give us a call at 818.488.1543 or email us at for more information about our press release writing services! is inspiration and brainchild of Endrea Kosven, founder and CEO of EDK and Company. With over 15 years as a PR and marketing professional in Los Angeles, she helps her clients succeed in their professional branding and marketing efforts.

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