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Need assistance with your company profile or bio? Here we outline a company profile example. Our client approached us as he pivoted during the pandemic. The pandemic was an excellent opportunity to change a portion of his business, and it was a success. This first paragraph paints a fantastic picture of the company and its creator. Visually you can see it in your mind’s eye.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.

Water and Wheat is a grand pizza experience celebrating the best ingredients, hospitality, and service to the greater New York City region. Inspired by the experiences and vision of founder Sam Peri, Water, and Wheat represents a cutting-edge approach to how we experience pizza and celebrate the joy of food with our guests. Sam has mastered the concept of bringing the complexities of a pizza cookery into your home, business, or social gathering space and delivering the highest levels of service, hospitality, and value for your event.  

In the second paragraph, the wording goes into description mode. One feels the hospitality the owner carries for his customers. The love of food and care taken is shown in the small details, leaving us wanting some freshly baked focaccia bread. This company profile example subliminally gives us a peek at the experience that Sam Peri created – in this instance, the authenticity of the food and those who serve it is the company itself.

The magic begins with the basics, which are the quality and simplicity of our food. Water and Wheat in Italian is simply “water and wheat,” where things all begin. Our pizza dough is naturally leavened and wild-fermented sourdough and is a cross between Neapolitan and New York styles. It has the foundation of the Neapolitan, with the crispy, thin crust of the New York style. All of our ingredients are fresh, organic, local, and seasonal. We blend those wonderful ingredients into an innovative and creative offering. Along with our gourmet pizza offerings, we feature sides that complement the experience, such as the freshest garden salads, cheese boards, freshly baked focaccia bread, and indulgent desserts. Everything is brought together with hand-crafted love and created in the finest artisanal manner.  

The last paragraph is about the invitation and generosity that this company exudes because next to great food is the experience regardless of where – in this case, your home or business – is where the hospitality resides. This company is the embodiment of personality and warmth, and so is its profile.

When you partner with Water and Wheat for a gathering centered around the highest quality pizza, you are releasing the burdens of a typical event to the masters, immersing you and your guests in an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality. Water and Wheat will take care of every detail and deliver unsurpassed service. You simply pick the location, invite the guests, and allow us to create an experience that will remain unforgettable. 

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