Breaking it Down: Sample Small Business Owner Bio 

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As a small business owner, you know how important it is to distinguish yourself from the competition. Any small business owner who can leverage the best of all worlds will score big points among their targeted audience. One of the best ways to do this is by telling your story through a bio! Let’s break down a sample small business owner bio.

Names of individuals and institutions have been changed to protect their privacy.

In the following sample, you will find what we are talking about, perfectly placed in the first paragraph. The second paragraph elaborates on her experience and backs up the first paragraph.

Patient-focused and service-oriented are just a few of the words most often used to describe Jill  Fontaine. As the founder and CEO of the Consolidative Skin Center, Jill leverages over a decade of experience as a licensed medical esthetician. Her practice focuses on the mind-body connection, where she combines her medical background and holistic principles to achieve the highest levels of health and beauty. 

Jill has built a distinguished career in healthcare, beginning as a dental assistant. She served patients with over three decades of experience during cosmetic dental and oral surgery. She naturally connects with patients, guiding and educating them through complex procedures. She was also immediately attracted to the health of the skin and dermatology and transitioned to working with a dermatology esthetician for over ten years. This natural curiosity became a passion, driving her to leave the dental field and practice as a licensed esthetician.

Two essential qualities for a small business owner are the ability to change and be progressive. The following paragraph in this sample small business owner bio shows how the details inform on many levels. Someone that conscientious is sure to do a great job on the services they provide. 

As her expertise grew, she gained invaluable knowledge on the relationship with the mind-body connection, embracing the practice of nutrition and supplements that impact the skin, gut, and microbiome. She earned certifications as an esthetician, including facial cupping, gua sha, and lymphatic facial massage. She’s also a brow expert, utilizing exacting mapping and sculpting techniques.

With the understanding that the skin is a mirror to health, Jill embraces Western medical procedures and Eastern principles in her practice, including Ayurvedic and Chinese practices; Her specialties focus on an approach that emphasizes natural results, not medication-driven treatment. Because of her deeply held passions and commitments, she thrives on education for herself and her patients.

Anytime you can use transparency in your practice to demonstrate your earnest intention, it is usually well received and evokes client trust. Revealing yourself to your clients depends on how comfortable you are with sharing this information and is optional. So if you feel uncomfortable, then it’s okay to omit.

In the following paragraph of this sample small business owner bio, the client felt she needed to share more of her story, which her clients took in a positive way.  

Jill is driven to embrace using clean products after being diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago and promotes a healthy lifestyle throughout her practice. Jill customizes and focuses on the individual, believing that complete care begins at home.

The last two short paragraphs in this sample small business owner bio are more information on Jill, including her education and sensibility as a human being.

Jill’s educational resume includes board certification training and preparation with the Artistic Academy, training at Derma Concepts, and the LearnSkin Institute.

Anne enjoys walking, relaxing at the beach, and exercising in her free time. She is happily married and the proud mother of two daughters and her dog, Joey. 

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