Breaking Down the Musician Bio

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Whether you’re a singer, play an instrument, or are part of a band or orchestra, the musician bio is often the first thing a potential venue or client will read about you. With that said, there is one important element a musician bio should have: a link to your music.

We are saying this right from the start because the viewer will often go directly to the link to hear your music first. If they like what they hear, then they’ll proceed with learning more about you through your bio.  

Obviously if your bio is on your website or as part of a digital press kit or EPK, the link should be live so it takes you right to your music or performance. If you are delivering your bio as part of a hard copy press kit, then make sure the URL to your music is readable on your bio. That way the viewer can copy that URL onto their browser to hear or view your performance.

This brings up another very important point — try to include a performance that you can be seen either playing your instrument or singing, not just an audio track. It is perfectly fine to include some audio tracks if you have an album, but also include a live performance so that the viewer can see you are the real thing.  

Your musician bio must include any specific schooling you have had. For example, “Jerry Smith graduated from The Juilliard School and received a Bachelor Of Music degree.” You don’t have to put all of your schooling, because this is a bio, not a resume. Think of this bio as a snippet, an interesting snippet of what you’ve been doing with your music. Also include where you’ve performed, and if this specific event was honoring anyone or anything.

Here’s an example:

Jerry Smith performed at Arlington National Cemetery for a special Memorial Day Ceremony. He performed a solo of “Taps” surrounded by an audience of the graves of soldiers.

You can insert a link to your performance. We just included a nice performance here (not connected to our fictional subject).

At the end of the musician bio include what you like to do in your free time, something a little personal but keep it simple. For example, “In his free time, Jerry loves to go hiking with his dog Banjo, a Lab mix.”

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