Breaking it Down: Cover Letter Example

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Why are cover letters necessary? If you’re seeking a new job or opportunity, they serve as a tool to communicate your pitch, especially when combined with your resume. Your resume is a list of professional skills and job positions you’ve held, so all the factual information; the cover letter fills in the blanks. In the following cover letter example, we will explain why it is well written.

cover letter example

The cover letter must show enthusiasm, personality, and the ability to communicate directly and concisely. 

The first three paragraphs of this cover letter example are direct and to the point, yet show personality and enthusiasm. Notice that the words feel sincere. The sincerity needs to be felt by the writer so that the reader feels it. 

Names of individuals and institutions have been changed to protect their privacy.

Dear XYZ,

I am expressing my interest in the remote position of ABC with XYZ. As an award-winning creative professional with the character and drive to succeed, I believe my background and solid artistic abilities will lend themselves well to the mission and goals of your organization.

I was inspired from an early age by creativity from my artist father. I vividly remember the doodles he would sketch on my lunch bags for school, which I look back on and see as an early source of inspiration for what would later fuel my creative DNA. 

My ability to draw would later set me apart from other graphic designers when I began at Fox Sports, in addition to my ability to learn quickly and work on a short deadline. This enabled me to get promoted within my first year as the lead designer in the department. 

The following paragraphs are more subliminal messages in this cover letter example. Yes, this highlights talents, but it’s reiterating how hiring this person would benefit this company. Mentioned awards are a nice added touch. Admiration for the type of work this company does shows he’s done his homework and can connect easily to this company.

I love taking an idea from scratch and seeing it through to an ideal conclusion. As part of my current role with Fox Sports, I design and develop specialty graphics that engage millions of sports fans weekly. In addition to my creative duties, I motivate and inspire my team; this has led to several awards for our department, including an Emmy Award. I earned the Promax Award for my work at the NCAA March Madness tournament in 2019.

Doing work with a purpose is also very motivating for me. My branding work with Ball House International and helping those struggling with mental illness has been seen on campaigns aired on MTV.

The last small paragraph in this cover letter example is excellent because, in a few short words, it re-highlights why he is a great fit for this position. The send-off is nice because he mentions the attached materials (resume) for consideration.

My background strengthens my ability to meet the requirements of this position. I am well-versed in the Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects. 

My materials are attached for your consideration. 

Thank you,

John Smith

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