Breaking it Down: Sample Executive Coach Bio

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Seeking assistance with your executive coach bio? As an executive coach, your bio needs to be written in such a way that it creates balance, meaning descriptive words that could be labeled as subjective need to be included. Using subjective descriptions adds warmth to the facts that must dominate most of the bio. 

In the following sample executive coach bio, the first sentence in the first paragraph is entirely subjective, but you already get a sense of warmth from Joseph Stein. 

Names of individuals and institutions have been changed to protect their privacy.

With an intuitive nature and a desire to elevate others to their fullest potential, Joseph Stein enjoys his role as an executive coach and family business consultant. He currently provides one-on-one coaching and facilitation services for family businesses. 

The second paragraph in this sample executive coach bio is when we get into the meat of Joseph’s journey to where he is today. This includes the beginning of his success to solidify his transparency; he names people who were there at the beginning when he first started setting the groundwork for his career and current success. The third paragraph in this sample executive coach bio is a continuation of the second paragraph.

His broad expertise in family business operations stems from his background working in his father’s successful manufacturing company. After graduating from the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE), Joseph joined Stein Industries as an electrical engineer. However, as he grew with the company, he found his strengths evolving with the management side of things.  Consequently, his interest grew in how businesses, particularly family businesses, were run. So he joined a local business roundtable Forum for Family Business, run by Dean Fowler, and eventually began making a name for himself as an expert and consultant in the field. 

Eventually, Joseph began to co-lead the roundtable groups as a facilitator once he transitioned away from Stein Industries. His family’s company has since merged with Avidity Science,  where Joseph remains a shareholder.  

The subsequent paragraph in this sample executive coach bio is a proper combination of facts and subjective facts. Obviously, those that have worked with Joseph have seen these actions, so it’s based on truth, but it’s why we call them subjective facts. This adds warmth and personality to an executive coach bio, mainly because these bios are usually heavy on facts and can seem dry without personality. Adding “subjective facts” or opinions based on facts ensures character and warmth in your executive coach bio.

Joseph, a native of Milwaukee, brings an excellent ability to listen and ask his clients the right questions. With Joseph’s ability to understand numerous topics, from highly technical to creative, he can look at things from different perspectives and ultimately be a champion for his clients; this drives his motivation, knowing he may discover something new with an opportunity for deeper awareness.  

The last paragraph describes how this person is as a human being. Are they empathetic and kind? Do they volunteer their time to causes? Is this person a family person? What hobbies? Does this person have a life outside of work? These questions must be answered in the last couple of paragraphs. The reader will feel they know who this person is and, more importantly, will read the entire bio.

He enjoys paying it forward and does sponsor a women’s engineering scholarship at his alma mater MSOE, where he also serves on their corporate board. He also supports a women’s scholarship at Alverno College. He volunteers with the charity St. Rose Youth & Family Center, which helps meet the needs of troubled children, young women, and their families.  

Joseph loves spending time with his wife and three sons in his free time. He also enjoys sketching and ballroom dancing. 

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