Breaking it Down: Sample Life Coach Bio

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If you’re a life coach, you understand the importance of a balanced life. You lead your own life in a particular manner, and you want to share your philosophies and motivation with potential clients. Hence, the need for a professional bio that shares this story! 

sample life coach bio

Depending on the individual’s persuasion, a life coach can be as effective as an ordained minister or clergy member, sometimes even more so. For this reason, the introduction of the life coach bio must grab the reader’s attention. 

We’ll break down a sample life coach bio (names have been changed for privacy). In this sample life coach bio, the first paragraph has a quote from the life coach’s philosophy that grabs the reader. This quote will engage and attract readers who would benefit from this life coaching service.

“There is a point in time when you hear your truth, and it is felt on a visceral level. The tears come pouring down; these tears are a gift. We call that a breakthrough. It is why I  love what I do.” — Candace Farrell

In the following second and third paragraphs of this sample life coach bio, the reader is introduced to the life coach and is provided a brief outline of their credentials.

As founder and CEO of Winning Dreams LLC, love and life purpose coach Candace Farrell has always believed that all healing takes place on a holistic level.  

This philosophy was something that came to Candace innately. As a successful Thetahealing therapist since 2005, Candace knew she was on the right path and wanted to complete her studies to help guide others dealing with many of today’s issues. With that intention in her heart, she attended California Coast University in Santa Ana and earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Candace is enrolled in a Master’s program in spiritual psychology at the University of Santa Monica. Candace is also attending Life Mastery Institute in Los Angeles for additional certification.  

Since the internet is part of our everyday lives and reality, capturing the person’s essence must be a staple. This sample life coach bio takes the place of a meet and greet because sometimes it isn’t convenient to travel, or perhaps situations like the pandemic occur, and this is the only way to make a connection. In the following sections of this sample life coach bio, it is easy to see that the reader will understand the essence of this life coach and what they have to offer.

Candace noticed that today’s fast-paced life hadn’t left any room for self-awareness. As she puts it, “Without knowing one’s feelings and desires, finding love and happiness is a  guessing game.”  

She can tune in and feel what the client is feeling, and asking the right questions, allows the client to discover on their own. Making transformations and breakthroughs is the reason Candace chose this particular path.

Unlocking her clients’ dreams is Candace’s niche, simply because most lack introspection, and in turn, their dreams are locked up or non-existent. Candace credits her work as a Thetahealing therapist for the firm conviction that healing happens from the inside out. The issues experienced by people today require a spiritual component and guidance from someone who is soul-centered and has conscious awareness; someone who has the education and knows how to interpret it.  

The end section provides some personal information about the life coach that gives us a glimpse into who they are as a person. By now, the reader is either interested in meeting them or not. Either way, the opinion is definite; otherwise, the writer didn’t do their job. 

Candace is one of the featured coaches on a new app called Love Your Life, a 21-day audio program helping individuals with their relationships. She is also currently writing an online course called “How to Manifest.”  

Candace is happily married to her soulmate. They have a son, a dog, and a cat and reside in San Jose, California. Candace enjoys yoga, writing, hiking, and spending time with her family. 

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