Breaking it Down: Sample New Employee Bio

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So you’ve just gotten a new position at a company – congratulations! As a new employee, being the newbie on staff isn’t always easy. The good news is that companies can post a new employee bio to introduce them to everyone through company websites and employee profiles.

sample new employee bio

The new employee bio, accompanied by a nice picture of the new employee, will not only break the ice so the new employee will feel more comfortable, but will also create a friendly company culture.

The new employee bio on the company website staff roster is a welcoming gesture on behalf of the company’s administration team. It implies, “You’re now part of our team, and we welcome you.” We have included three new employee bios as samples. Pay close attention to the new employee bios’ length and information to include. 

These are actual client bios; the names of individuals and institutions have been changed to protect their privacy.

John L. Smith is the director of operations with Synergy Academic Support Services. He works the middle and back-office operations and is an instructor for upper-level mathematics and a substitute instructor should there be a last-minute conflict. John’s dedication to teaching is due to erroneously being labeled as having a learning difference during his youth. Today, John is an excellent teacher and an advocate for quality education. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from Lee University. John was born and raised in Allentown, PA. When he is not busy working, John enjoys spending time with his two young children. He believes this is vital because they are at this age for a finite amount of time. His hobbies include exercise and fitness.

You can see here it summarizes very quickly John’s qualifications and personal hobbies and family information that engage the reader to learn more about him. The next samples follow the same format.

Gina Parker’s decision to teach is motivated by her empathy to learn. She is currently a teacher and tutor at Synergy. She has worked as a STEM and first-grade teacher. As a self-proclaimed lifelong learner, Gina relates to her students from the learner’s point of view. Knowing that a confident student is unstoppable, she’s motivated by results. In a nutshell, this is Gina’s teaching philosophy. Gina has a master’s degree in special education with an emphasis on autism from the University of Texas at Tyler. Gina was born and raised in Arlington, Texas; she received a bachelor’s degree in elementary education; her favorite pastime is playing football/soccer with her husband and two sons.

Perry Daniels specializes as a math and science tutor at Synergy Academic Support Services and works as a science teacher at Assisted. His philosophy is that learning begets confidence. John gets his motivation to teach stems from his faith in God. His scientific mind demands proof; he has all the tools that make him an excellent teacher – knowledge of the subject, a versatile teaching style, and the patience of a saint. He received his bachelor’s degrees in applied mathematics and music from Eastern Presbyterian University and is completing his master’s in Applied Statistics and Data Analytics. A proficient Spanish speaker, Perry’s hobbies include hockey, playing saxophone, and singing in the church choir.

As you can see, these new employee bios require dense words. The new employee bios need to be short but jam-packed with information. These are great for morale and company culture.

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