Sample Marketing Bio: Breaking it Down

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As a marketing professional, you understand what’s needed for a professional bio for an individual or company’s brand presence, whether that’s online or through traditional means. But writing a bio for yourself – well, that may be a tougher feat! 

sample marketing bio

What do you include? Let’s guide you through your journey through a sample marketing bio.

(Names have been changed for privacy).

In the first paragraph of this sample marketing bio, we immediately get a strong feeling of the capabilities of this marketing executive. This executive knows luxury brands from both the business aspect and the consumer’s point of view. In one paragraph, we not only get great information, but we want to know more about this person.

Intuitive, creative, and strategic are just a few words that describe Ann Sutter, who has built a stellar reputation for excellence and results with over two decades of experience with luxury branding, marketing, and leadership. She has a natural curiosity for consumer needs and a high-level skill set to develop successful content. Her creative and analytical mindset allows her to solve complex problems and create environments that naturally attract consumer interests. Ann is an intuitive, organized leader who inspires global teams to perform in unison and achieve results.

As you will see in this sample marketing bio, each subsequent paragraph builds on the previous section. We provide proof of her capabilities by including high-level companies and how well her efforts were received by all. Please remember, in this sample marketing bio or any bio, we are not trying to recreate a resume. We position the companies as part of this interesting story.

Ann understands the luxury brand and marketing process from both the corporate and entrepreneurial sides of the industry, leading national and global teams. From a corporate perspective, she has worked at every level of the industry and in a wide variety of roles. Her corporate experience includes assignments with such prestigious brands as Louis Vuitton and Mastercard. Her work was recognized and awarded by her peers in the industry. 

She equally distinguished herself as an entrepreneur, using her unique talents and consulting with established brands and start-ups. Ann has worked with global luxury hospitality and real estate brands as an entrepreneur consultant, such as Marriott and the Four Seasons Hualalai. She has been recognized for her ability to easily operate at the C-suite levels, understands the big picture, and executes her strategic vision in every role.

This next paragraph on the sample marketing bio is a brilliant example of how this individual maneuvers through life by using her talents to help others. Teaching is a great way to pay it forward, especially when a gifted teacher teaches a subject she knows. This is a plus for the reader who might not always understand the global luxury industry but does understand the way connections are made for the benefit of everyone involved.

Her innovative vision and desire to lead have connected her with the University of Southern California. She has worked with USC through the business school, developing and exploring due diligence with her entrepreneurial interests. This relationship later developed into an invitation to become an instructor for the USC Marshall School of Business. 

The last two paragraphs on this sample marketing bio bring it home. We get to know this individual on a personal level. That is one of the goals of a bio – you want the reader to feel as though they know this individual to form an opinion about her, as though they have met them in person.

Ann is a native of Southern California and is a resident of Los Angeles. She is actively engaged in social good and charitable causes, including the United Way. Her most poignant and meaningful charitable efforts are with Susan G. Komen Cancer Charities. As a breast cancer survivor, Ann understands the needs of those who have breast cancer and deal with life’s challenges after cancer. She writes a blog focused on breast cancer as a survivor and is a skilled fundraiser for Susan G. Komen.

Ann is happily married with two children. She enjoys paddle boarding, dancing, cooking, and reading.

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