Sample CEO Bio: Breaking it Down

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So you’ve been asked to send your bio for an upcoming meeting! If you’re a busy CEO, chances are you may not have the time to sit down and craft one. Or, you might have an old bio that needs some freshening up. In either case, we’ll give you some tips on what should go into a well-written CEO bio.

sample CEO bio

In this sample CEO bio, we see a strong beginning straight out of the gate. It directly states what she is and where. (Names have been changed for privacy).

As the CEO and president of the McCavey Center for Art, Kelly James brings the artist’s passion to the world and translates their importance and influence on society.

The following paragraph in this sample CEO bio continues to build from the first paragraph, adding her tasks as a CEO. Obviously, this CEO is a standout, and it states why she is.

Responsible for overseeing all facets of the organization, Kelly drives the mission, fundraising,  operations, and engagement with the board of directors. She has single-handedly turned the  organization around by aligning the day-to-day work with values around diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

The third paragraph in this sample CEO bio builds on the first two paragraphs into a beautiful crescendo. Here, we see that she not only balanced the budget but built a new business model, and BOOM…she launched a $2M fundraising campaign. 

Exuding a dynamic, effective, and influential leadership style that motivates, Kelly successfully  balanced the budget, created a team of 20 members, and built a new business model. She then  launched a successful $2M fundraising campaign.  

The other interesting element of this sample CEO bio isn’t obvious at all, but it’s there. It highlights what her personal brand is all about. The CEO’s brand is one of inclusivity, diversity, and equality and one that inspires on a global level.

Kelly is a strong leader within the organization and throughout the sector, making her a dynamic  advocate for the entire nonprofit industry. She has extensive experience as a grantmaker focused  on the arts, healthcare, education, and youth development, serving as a catalyst for philanthropy during her tenure as a director at the Teaching Fellows Institute.

The conclusion of this sample CEO bio fills in small details that weren’t stated at the beginning of the path she took and ends just as impactful by stating that her path started very young and a few personal details about this CEO as a person just like the rest of us, with pets and all.

Kelly sits on the board of directors for East Carolina University and the board at the Women’s Impact Fund. A native of Durham, North Carolina, Kelly graduated and received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa. She is happily married, has two daughters, two dogs, and a horse. She enjoys running and training for marathons. A vegetarian since the age of ten, Alli is also an advocate for the environment. 

This sample CEO bio is an excellent overview of this person – who wouldn’t want to meet and get to know her. This bio does what bios are supposed to do, and that’s introduce you to a person you’d want to meet.

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