Show Off Your Best Self: Benefits of Writing a Professional Bio

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Periodically, we get asked this question by our clients. Just what are the benefits of having a well-written, thoughtful professional bio created? Why not just have a resume or CV, or just send out a link to your LinkedIn profile to those potentially interested in hiring you?

benefits writing professional bio

If you want to stand out in your market or be noticed for special skills, simply sending a resume will not do you justice. A bio speaks more to your accomplishments as a professional, as well as your personal characteristics that make you special. Your professional bio is more than just a tool for the job hunt; if written correctly, it positions you for potential opportunities that can come along at any given moment. While a resume is usually used for a job search, a bio can be handed out even as a promotional tool without it looking like you’re looking for a job. Essentially, your bio is your professional, smooth-looking calling card.

What are the benefits of having a professional bio? There are several:

  1. Provides a readable, easy to digest format of your best accomplishments and career highlights
  2. Can provide more detail into a particular aspect of your life that a resume would
  3. Makes a great impression on the reader
  4. It is convenient to have for speaking engagements and guest article writing
  5. Your longer form bio can be abbreviated for shorter social media profiles such as Twitter and Instagram

What’s important is that the professional bio reflects you as a person. That’s why it’s usually a good idea to have another person write the bio; they can provide an outsider’s perspective on what makes you unique in your field. Too often people filter out important information that may be useful in the bio, or feel like they’re bragging and showing off. This is the opposite of what you want. Show off your best self and your audience will thank you for it — hopefully in the form of a job or business opportunity!

Interested in having a professionally written bio done? Talk to the bio writers at for more information on our services today! is inspiration and brainchild of Endrea Kosven, founder and CEO of EDK and Company. With over 15 years as a PR and marketing professional in Los Angeles, she helps her clients succeed in their professional branding and marketing efforts.

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