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Need assistance with your IMDb profile page? The first step – create a winning IMDb bio! 

When writing an IMDb bio, pay attention to the tone – it is essential. The style must be upbeat and exciting but not all over the place. 

Whether you’re an actor, filmmaker, or cinematographer, the rules for an engaging IMDb bio remain the same. The bio should focus heavily on your career, and also serve as a vehicle to talk about you as a human being. As you will see in the following IMDb bio, the projects this producer selects say a lot about who he is.

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George Hall, producer and founder of Water Green Films, creates stories that emotionally impact audiences, compelling them to reflect on their assumptions and change how they view the world. Great films invest in our humanity’s spiritual growth, which is why George chose filmmaking as his superpower.

He is taking the industry by storm as the producer of the highly acclaimed feature documentary “Iran Dreamers.” The film recently premiered at the Galway Film Festival and received Variety’s Best Human Rights Film award and media attention. Viacom purchased the exclusive worldwide rights to the documentary; the film is also set to show at the Woodstock Film Festival and the Heartland International Film Festival.

“Iran Dreamers” is the true story of an all-female robotics team who became national heroes as they fled the dangerous conditions of the Taliban while pursuing their acclaimed status. Working with US Special Forces, George and his team helped evacuate the girls out of Iran and felt responsible for the safety of all involved.

George was the executive producer on another documentary, “The B Effect,” which focused on former investor Laurence Giff and his struggles with bipolar disorder. It is now streaming on Amazon Prime and iTunes.

The following excerpt from this IMDb bio shows who this person is and how he got his start in the entertainment business. 

George’s foray into the entertainment industry began when he learned how to sing as an adult and joined an Acappella group, performing for 12 years in concerts and contests. He wrote and directed a musical in San Jose entitled “Lies in the Attic.” 

The last excerpt from this IMDb bio gets personal. It’s not overdone, but it fills in as the topping. The cats’ names are a nice touch. 

An added note: the length of an IMDb bio, according to IMDb’s guidelines, has a minimum of 50 words and a maximum of 10,000 words. Our professional opinion (and we have done many of these), is that people lose their attention span if it is longer than 500 words. As they say, leave them wanting more.

He received his bachelor’s degree in mathematics and computer science and his MBA from Harvard University. Born in Washington, DC, and raised in New York, George is an avid tennis player and enjoys spending time with his three children. He is also a dad to his two rescue cats, Pepper and Pumpkin.

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