The Nurse Bio: Breaking it Down

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Healthcare professionals such as nurses, nurse practitioners, traveling nurses, and any of those practicing the various nursing specialties need their nurse bios written in a specific manner. Since the day-to-day duties are paramount to the recovery of patients, their achievements must be highlighted and positioned in a well-written bio. 


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We outline here several samples of what goes into a compelling nurse bio. Read the following sample nurse bio excerpt (names have been changed for privacy):

As a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, Veronica Jacobs brings empathy, an easygoing  communication style, and a sweet sense of humor, making it easy for her to talk to patients and  family members.  

Serving in the military is always a great accomplishment to highlight in a nurse bio, or any other bio for that matter, and should always be included.

A proud U.S. military veteran, Veronica was an aircraft electrician in the Navy before she decided to become a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.

This is why Nurse Jacobs is so special and an asset to all her patients. She is a nurse practitioner who really cares about her patients and has the patience to explain what course of treatment is best and why. There isn’t anything routine about such a caring individual. If the patient isn’t feeling well, a kind approach will speed up the healing process as noted by science. 

A typical day for Veronica includes assessing and diagnosing patients on mental health issues such  as anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, or those who struggle with substance abuse or the heartbreak of dementia. Although Veronica is able to prescribe medication as a viable option, she  has been very successful with the holistic approach of listening and educating the patient before  resorting to medication, and many times it is a combination of all three. Veronica is a firm believer that the patient really understands why they are taking medication, and discusses with them how they feel about the treatment plan.

Here is another example from a different sample nurse bio. See how this nurse has gone on and taken a more prominent position in influencing other nurses and passing on her nursing gift.  This is what makes her a standout.

Maria has also been hugely successful in leading accreditation site visits for several departments, including nursing, radiology, dental, medical laboratory technician, and  paramedic programs. Creating new curriculums and researching what is needed for the future of healthcare is all in a day’s work for Maria.  

Maria started out her career as a young staff nurse and worked her way up. She received her master’s degree in nursing from the University of Wisconsin, where she graduated with honors. She was also in the Air Force, where she started as an Air Force Nurse, 2nd Lieutenant, gradually ascending to the rank of Captain. Her responsibilities included providing clinic care to all Air Force members and coordinating nursing services. In her role, she was usually put in the position of mentoring, supervising or creating plans for patient care, along with her usual nursing duties.  

In a world where everything is a trend, Maria is the one constant. From her love of the healthcare profession, to her empathetic nature as a driving force, she remains steadfast in her abilities and passionate for the practice. To have the ability to embrace change and  find the knowledge in yet to be charted waters is one of Maria’s unique qualities. Strong communication skills and a kind soul have been Maria’s assets in her long career dedicated to service.  

So always remember, in a nurse bio, you want to show that although different than a doctor, they fit into the health scenario. It’s important to describe the various qualities and skill sets that are all assets to their profession.

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