Surprise, It’s a Career Change!

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For many, the COVID pandemic brought all sorts of changes to the landscape of their personal lives, and for others, it was their careers that took a hit. Suddenly, their roadmap that had detailed the entrances and exits of their path to their career goal by a specific time frame was all rendered null and void.

The good news is that now you know so much more about yourself, you are starting out on a much higher level. Still more good news is that you’re not alone. In fact, for the first time in history, it’s more of an even playing field. It seems to be a universal task for many to change industries or make a complete career change. 

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Now we know exactly which industries thrive under extreme situations, such as a pandemic. This is actually indicative of better job security in your future should you have to up and pivot and make a career change. Now you have proof that a career change in these industries is a godsend and not a horrible mishap that everyone initially thought. This is also the time to update your professional bio and resume, which are very important. 

It is critical now that you update your information and gear it towards your new career choice. There is always a connection between choices you make, and this is no exception. Your new bio should address that and why you are ahead of the game as you take on this new and exciting career. In the past people, went into their careers somewhat blindly.

With everything that has happened, you know that your new bio should include how successful you were in your last career and how that will prove as a seamless transition to your new endeavor. For example, say you were a successful “Geek Squad” IT services member; your fascination and knowledge in cybersecurity would make you a great asset to any company.

Before we list the industries, our bio writing staff would like to give our undying gratitude to two industries that have touched our lives in a very significant way — teachers and healthcare professionals. If you can read and write, thank a teacher, and if you are a human being, a healthcare professional will be there or has been there when you needed help.

The thriving industries that are resilient and a great choice for those considering a career change include:


Transportation & Logistics




Professional Services

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