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If you are a physician or a specialist in your field, special consideration must be given when writing your professional medical biography. While here at frown on a mostly work, resume-oriented type of bio, the professional medical bio is one of those few exceptions. The bios for physicians, medical researchers, or any type of healthcare or medical specialists are those exceptions.

professional medical bio writing

With this type of professional bio, special attention must be given to the choreography and writing style. For example, let’s say you are a dermatologist, and one of your accomplishments is that you discovered the cure for a rare form of skin cancer. 

Obviously this is a great accomplishment that helps mankind, so you want to build on the actions that ultimately led to this accomplishment. So, adjectives should be used that describe why you chose this path and reasons as to why this path is so important to you. You can describe a specific experience that led you to accomplish this goal. Remember, always write in third person for this type of bio.

Since the advent of the internet, professional bios have become a staple on personal websites, company websites, as well as social media. They represent what you are all about in a short, concise matter. So your essence must be sprinkled in between the words. If your professional bio doesn’t have your essence, then it failed to accomplish its goal.

A medical bio is not a resume, but if it must lean towards your professional accomplishments, then it better be written in such a manner that whoever reads your bio will want to meet you in person.

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