The “About Us” Page: AKA the Company Profile

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As all of you know, every website should have an “About Us” page. This would also be known as a company profile. Your company has a story to tell on how it came about; it has a vision and it is in alignment with what your customer needs. 

If your company has an ensemble or team, who are they and what do they bring to the table? Your company is there to provide a service; why is this service important to your visitor? Focus on the customer you are trying to attract and their needs. 

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Honesty and transparency will come through your words and is felt by your visitors. If your company has an essence that is real, why not show that through some nice photography? It would be a good idea to add some photographs of your staff or office that capture that magic.

If your company has had accomplishments, what are they? What is your company’s mission statement? In other words, think of your company as your child. You have worked very hard to raise and nurture it, and now it is ready to hang up its shingle. 

Testimonials: If you have them, they show that you have been in business and have satisfied customers/clients. Always deal in facts; this shows excellent customer service and that you’re always willing to help.

If you offer several types of services, mention what they are and why you have included them in your roster. Example: if you offer pet sitting services, but also are willing to take long hikes with client dogs, mention that.

Again, your “About Us” page should be well choreographed and written with the mindset that you are telling your story about how your business came about. While you have a team, you work together as one, well-oiled machine. 

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