What Makes a Good Instagram Bio?

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When it comes to social media platforms, there’s plenty of them out there, but the big ones on the block are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. For all intents and purposes, the big four are the big league and set the trends for the rest of them. However, Instagram is a way to connect through pictures and short clever language that engages your followers. It is engaging and casual in nature, which is exactly how your Instagram bio needs to be. 

Make sure your Instagram bio is easy to read, informative, and engaging. It should be able to describe who you are as a person in a way that is unique to you. If you are funny, then use humor or wit. Use dense words — words that are truly packed with substance. This is important since you can only use 150 characters. 

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Here’s an example of a great Instagram bio:

Girl Dad. Friend. Tall. Vegan. Tech Pro. Married to soulmate. Quirky. Home is where the Wi-fi instantly connects.

Tech hacks: hello@myinstagrambio.com 

This is just an example of a densely-worded Instagram bio. This type of Instagram bio gives the reader all the needed information to make their own judgment or assumptions of who you are using very few words. The quote or funny statement just adds another layer of personality. If you have a website, you can include that in your Instagram bio as well. 

You can include #hashtags in your Instagram bio only if you have a company hashtag that uses your company brand.

Words of wisdom: Make sure you use the correct descriptive dense word. For example, “classic” is different from “old-fashioned,” “short” is different from “petite.” If you notice, each word gives you a mental picture.

Obviously, we are referring to physical appearance, but should only be brought up if it is relevant to the image and essence that you want to create for you or your business (although mentioning that you are short when marketing your product or business is beyond us but to each his own.)

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