Why Hire a Linkedin Profile Writer?

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As most of you have noticed, we are in a world of technology and virtual meetings. Add our current pandemic to the mix, and we can kiss in-person meetings and networking goodbye. This opens up an opportunity for global meetings and networking scenarios otherwise not possible through such career networking sites like LinkedIn or Xing. So your LinkedIn summary needs to stand out!

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The most powerful global professional networking site is Linkedin (although Xing still corners the market in countries such as Germany), so your Linkedin profile has to inform, impress, and engage immediately. Your LinkedIn profile essentially represents you; it is you in the form that allows you to travel via the internet to meet prospective company leaders and business partners who are interested in you. 

We will go through what you need to do to make your LinkedIn profile professional and polished. Don’t be discouraged if you find it difficult to write your own LinkedIn profile; even professional writers find it difficult to write their own, simply because the person you are writing about is yourself!

Here are a few things to keep in mind when writing your LinkedIn summary or profile:

  1. Keep it focused 
  2. Engage your reader through storytelling
  3. Let your personality shine through
  4. Write it in first-person narrative
  5. Remember this is not a resume; it is a slice of your life (both professional and personal)

We recommend hiring a Linkedin profile writer or someone who has written a vast number of LinkedIn profile summaries. Your LinkedIn profile must be unique, meaning there should never be a template used because every individual is original in personality and voice.

A LinkedIn profile writer should capture that uniqueness and write it as you, in your voice. If you’re going to be networking for that dream job in New York, Switzerland, or anywhere in our global universe, your LinkedIn profile summary has to be something you are proud to show and represent your best. This is why you should consider hiring a LinkedIn bio writer.

Here are some statistics that will help you understand the gravity of importance your Linkedin profile has, and should never be left up to chance. 

  • There are over 11 million+ C-level executives globally. These executives play a strategic role in the decision-making process that impacts a company on a high level.
  • 55 job applications are submitted every second, with 7 seconds between every LinkedIn hire.

Statistics by Apollo Technical 

If in doubt about writing your own Linkedin profile summary, don’t leave it up to chance!  Hire a LinkedIn bio writer — you owe it to your career and your future. 

Learn about our LinkedIn profile writing services by emailing us at hello@wewritebios.com or calling 818-488-1543.

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