The New Job Announcement Bio

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A new job announcement bio usually goes on a company website, industry site, or news bulletin. It is also emailed to your co-workers. The new job announcement bio serves three essential functions:

  • To introduce you and your new status to the company
  • To introduce you to new clients or business partners 
  • To establish you as part of the company family 

All three are crucial, but the most important is the third one as it establishes acceptance, trust, and familiarity. Being part of the company family is what makes long-term employment enjoyable. Long-term employment also means financial stability, security, and an established career.

new job announcement bio

A new job announcement bio is also another opportunity to leverage how you want people to see you.  It is the best marketing tool for your career! The minute you make that new job announcement, you create a new life event that is documented and becomes part of your illustrious history.

A new job announcement bio puts you on the radar for others to see. If done correctly, it can set you up for great things and put you in a positive light in front of leadership and management.

Many people will post their new job announcement bio on their Facebook personal page or Instagram to let everyone know of their new status. This can open the opportunity for others to see and possibly follow your career. If you take your career seriously, you will notice that each new job venture is like a stepping stone until you arrive at your destiny. 

Since the influx of the internet, anything is possible anywhere in the world. We knew of an actor here in the United States who wasn’t going very far in his career, so he became a photographer for other actors. He started to do very well, since as an actor he knew how to photograph them. He soon got commissioned to shoot a series in India.

While in India, he was photographing some of the monuments and met what turned out to be his future wife. He eventually moved there and had a job as a photographer on the set of a television series, where he met a producer. Guess what? He is now a big Bollywood actor. True story! He parlayed his current career status into a future one by being inclusive to others by announcing what he was currently working on or the position he had. You can do the same thing with a new job announcement bio.

Need some more tips on writing your bio for work? Watch our short video!

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