Writing the Personal Statement: 7 Tips for Success

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Whether you’re applying for a specific or specialized job, internship, grant, scholarship or even a graduate or professional program, chances are you will be asked for a personal statement along with your application. 

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Unless you were being groomed to be in politics and then become the next president of the United States, chances are you’ve taken many paths to get where you currently are, so you need to make sense of that.

The requirements for writing the personal statement will probably differ depending on the organization, but the basic ingredient is to get a clear picture of your essence, of who you are in life, and the experiences you bring to the table that would make you a great candidate for the grant, specialty internship or whatever you are applying for.

The personal statement should end with a glimpse of what’s on tap for the future. As people are living longer and getting second careers (and even third careers), the need for a personal statement could come at anytime.

Here are 7 tips and ideas for success in writing your personal statement:

  1. Do not judge yourself, because everything you’ve accomplished or achieved, you’ve done for a reason at the time, and it had a hand in the person you are today.
  2. If you do have regrets, how did you handle them? This is a great topic to discuss in your personal statement. 
  3. While brainstorming for your statement, take some time, perhaps one day to focus on reflection so you can easily put your ideas on paper.
  4. Make sure you use clear concise narrative.
  5. Use specific examples for your anecdotes. Explain and take your reader through why you love exotic plants or animals, or why that day hiking meant so much to you. 
  6. Use correct grammar and spelling. This is extremely important and should not be taken lightly. 
  7. Embrace your uniqueness! Remember, if you have arrived at this point in your career, you’ve already done so many things right.

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