Your Professional Bio as an Inspiration to Others

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Consider the fact that your professional bio could be an inspiration to many people. Yet, many choose not to include those little personal details that would help and inspire many. There are specific situations when a bio warrants those little details about a specific event that changed your life. 

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For example, let’s say you are a successful Reiki master, and you need a bio for your website. Part of that bio should include how you got into this alternative medicine practice, and the reason you were motivated towards Reiki. As an example, maybe your stress levels were so high due to a painful divorce that it led to a heart attack. Usually this is not something that anyone would want to include in their bio; however, if it tells an important story about your life and serves a greater purpose, then it might be important to include this personal story.

In this scenario, the person is a happy, successful Reiki master, so he is walking proof that Reiki works. There is an energy that an individual carries when the trajectory of their life was changed by what is now their chosen field. These bios are very inspiring — they help the readers in a way that touches their hearts and minds, very much like Reiki itself. 

Imagine, by you just being you and telling your story, your bio has served a greater mission. Of course, here at we would never include any details that our clients are not in agreement with. So whether you write your own professional bio or decide to use our professional bio writing service, always ask yourself if what you are omitting from your bio serves a greater purpose.

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