An Executive Bio with Style

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What should be included in an effective executive bio? A well-written executive bio isn’t only about what the person does as an executive or high-level professional in their field; it should also demonstrate how the individual is able to contribute to the bigger picture. 

Everyone has a different way of achieving goals; that’s what makes them unique, and since a high-level professional spends a great deal of time following protocols and setting standards, finding a unique quality is essential. 

Many executive bios have a tendency to be dry and redundant, really just becoming a fancy resume (without all the bullet points). Another problem that we see is most executive bios are generic and don’t have any specific branding to the individual.

Branding is critical in a bio. The individual has set this branding into motion by actions in their professional life. In an executive bio, that brand has to be captured on paper, so that at the end of the bio, the reader is left with a strong impression of that person.

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The reason we “brand” people is because you might forget a name, but you will never forget a feeling. A brand will leave an impression of the individual and is a very important ingredient in an executive bio. 

In an executive bio, remember these 3 essential key elements:

  • –It should demonstrate how they contributed to the bigger picture at their workplace or organization
  • –As an individual, be sure to capture their brand or essence
  • –It needs to outline the path or trajectory of their career without sounding like a resume

Having a balanced life is what contributes to an interesting executive bio. This means doing what you love to do outside of work. It can be simple or more complex, anything from collecting vintage vinyl records to researching old cold cases — just as long as you enjoy doing it.

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