A Well-Written Bio Can Be a Roadmap for Your Life

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Why is a well-written bio important? Yes, we know the usual reasons to have a bio — you have a new job and your company wants a short bio on who you are for their company website, or perhaps you want your LinkedIn profile to look more complete. But what we are asking is the deeper reason a professional bio is important to have.

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Whether you are writing your own bio or you hired a professional bio writer to write your bio, you still have to think about what you’ve been doing in your life thus far. 

When we are living our lives, we are just doing what needs to get done and not really evaluating the direction we are going. So what can happen is you wake up one morning and say…how did this happen?

Maybe you’ve postponed something important you have been wanting to do, and then when you are sitting collecting your thoughts about your life thus far for your bio and begin to list your accomplishments, you realize that there are certain things you would still like to achieve.

A well-written bio can provide a visual of where you are right now. It also has the ability to fast-forward your mind into what your life would be if you choose option A or option B, or if staying on course is the correct choice. Think of your professional bio as a roadmap that’s leading your path through life. This can mean the difference between having led a truly fulfilled life, or a life filled with broken promises you made to yourself.

A well-written bio is a priceless tool and is well worth having. Invest the time and effort into crafting your story!

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