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Do you know what direction your life is taking you? In developing a story for a professional bio, keeping a journal can help the subject gather thoughts. There is something magic about journaling; it not only keeps your memory fresh of happenings, but there is scientific evidence that journaling helps depression, stress, self-discipline, and enables goal setting.

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Let’s see how journaling can help you see if you’re heading in the direction that you want for your life. Whether you’re 25 and just getting started, or 65 and little more mature and have achieved some of life’s passages, journaling is a great exercise. As long as you have set goals in mind, putting your thoughts and plans down in a journal can help give your life some strategic direction.

Journaling: Your New Best Friend

Here are a few tips to get your started and in the mindset to start keeping a journal:

    1. Think of your journal as your new best friend. You can tell him/her anything and your secret is safe. Over time, your journal will help you gain insight.
    1. Next, tell your journal what you’d love to do in life. If you don’t know, then discuss it with your journal. If you have to ramble for a bit that’s okay.
  1. Set up parameters as to what you need to do to make your life’s path take you to your destination.

Through the process of journaling, you’ll start to gain insight into how and why you make decisions. For example, if you want to start rescuing animals, and there isn’t any activity that you are doing currently that has any relevance to this desired goal, then you might decide that you want to change this and start doing activities that will lead you to your goal (in this case, you might start volunteering at a local animal shelter).

Remember that a well-written bio will show you not just where you have been, but also where you are going. A good bio writer will paint a visual with carefully choreographed words to show you your journey, but it’s up to you decide if you’re heading in the right direction.

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