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Actors, in general, are interesting people, as are writers and anyone who uses their creativity for a living. An actor is different from a writer or others who create, because an actor uses themselves as their vehicle. Their body of work is upfront and center. We’ll break down what goes into a great actor bio.

To make an entrance on the actor’s bio, you need to begin with the most notable role the actor played. In our sample actor bio, James Harold played a kingpin on a long-running cable network series. Most people wouldn’t know him by name, but they would know him immediately by the role he played. 

sample actor bio

Another interesting strategy in this sample actor bio is how the actor identified in all his roles is akin to the “A story” in a screenplay. This is the main storyline that runs parallel to the secondary storyline. The main story depicted is about the actor and all the main characters he’s brought to life.

Making a dramatic entrance will entice the reader to find out more about the actor as a person.

Names, shows, and titles have been changed for privacy.

While he might be best known for his role as a drug kingpin on the long-running major cable network series “The Line,” Brooklyn-born actor James Harold has a few lesser-known roles under his belt, most notably as an activist and humanitarian.  

Currently co-starring as detective Bobby Joe on the hit Amazon series “Beaching,” James’  intensity, expressiveness, and ability to convey subtleties have earned him dozens of film and  television roles. He is also set to star as drug mogul David Feats in the third season of USA Network’s “Queen of the East.”  He has also appeared in “Law & Order,” “CSI: Miami,” and “Person of Interest,” among others.

The following in the sample actor bio is the beginning of the “B story” that runs parallel to the main story. It’s about the actor as a person, so even though we are in awe of his talent, he’s just a regular guy who gives to charities and enjoys spending time with his wife. But if we started with that in this sample actor bio, not everyone would be interested in reading the rest of the actor’s bio. This would be the opposite in real life, but this unique career plays by its own rules.

James’ interest in the performing arts began at a young age. The youngest of seven children, James  became fascinated with acting when a friend introduced him to the local theatre company Tomorrow’s Future. James discovered his voice and innate ability to connect with characters and decided to pursue acting after enrolling in the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute.  

He truly enjoys the process: from decoding the script to flushing out the dialogue, he immerses himself into the worlds of these complex characters he’s often cast. 

Paying it forward is also a huge part of James’ life, and he has committed to helping others discover their artistic voice. He is the founder of Rolling Hills, a non-profit organization that allows inner-city youth to study the arts. Students aged 6-21 years old can take free drama, dance, and art classes and have the opportunity to participate in productions.  

When James isn’t busy lending his talents to the screen or helping others, he enjoys working out and spending time with his wife and two children. He resides in New York.

As you can see in this sample actor bio example, James’ career runs like a parallel universe to his life at home, and the dichotomy is impressive.

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