Breaking it Down: Sample Artist Bio

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Artists can express their art through different formats. Regardless of their chosen medium, they aim to open the audience’s mind and change the world’s perspective.

sample artist bio

We’ll break down what goes into a well-written artist bio. In the following sample artist bio, the artist works in several different mediums. As one reads his bio, one feels his art is his way of honoring and communicating with others. 

In this sample artist bio, we are introduced by a quote from the artist, which is immediately followed by how the artist wants his expressed art to be experienced by the world. In the subsequent paragraphs in this sample artist bio are references to the artist’s different mediums and how they need to be interpreted.

Names and titles have been changed for privacy.

“The goal for my art is to make an impact on those who can benefit from it; it’s why I create.” 

As an artist, Lawrence Gringfield uses different mediums to show beauty and, by highlighting it, focuses on the beauty that would otherwise remain unseen. He comes from a  place of kinship as he guides the onlooker through snippets of life that go unnoticed.

Lawrence’s compassion comes through in all of his pieces, whether it be canvas paintings or any of his many photographs.  

This is seen in his work, “A Crowd,” an acrylic on canvas. In this beautifully done piece, Lawrence uses texture, color, and a creative improvisational pattern as he helps us navigate through the challenges of differences we all face. The improvisational pattern is a brilliant way to show that there’s always an opportunity, regardless of the myriad of differences we encounter.  

Lawrence’s artistic influences are what give the beauty he highlights its depth. In a recent  interview, when asked what sets him apart from the other artists, he immediately said that all  artists have something to contribute, and all art inspires him. His warmth and ability to show the  differences and embrace them are his gift to the world as an artist and human being.  

Evident in his heartfelt poem, “Indian Noon.” Lawrence creates a world where artists and their art, regardless of their medium, continue contributing energy and meaning to the surroundings we know as life. They continue to inspire and touch us even after they are gone and the subject of their art is no longer here. His inspiration for “Indian Noon” is Georgia O’Keeffe, even though in the poem, he honors all artists who contribute in their art forms to a much larger cause.  

In this sample artist bio, this artist gets personal about his life. It’s optional for a great bio; you can still have a compelling bio without getting too personal. Revealing a little something will draw the audience closer to the artist. Notice the disclosed information is brought back to their art and shows how it has helped their other achievements.

Lawrence is one of six children born to an artistic family in Chicago, Illinois. His mother, Helen, was a very talented painter, and his father, Harry, was a jazz musician who played the standup bass in clubs. Several of his siblings also work as photojournalists, including brothers Joseph Gringfield and Dennis Smith.  

As brilliant and creative an artist as Lawrence is, life has not been easy for him. Mental illness has been a problematic cross for Lawrence to bear, but he credits his faith in God for his successes  and opportunities. One of those opportunities came up in 2000 when the non-profit organization, the Coconut Gallery, opened its doors and accepted Lawrence as one of its artists. Until that point, the only way Lawrence could have his art seen and sold was on the streets.  

Once the Coconut Gallery accepted Lawrence, his paintings and photographs were featured in group shows, charities, and art auctions. The Coconut Gallery also has an art studio in Queens where Lawrence creates his art. He resides in New York City. 

The last paragraph answers a call for those interested in the artist’s work and who want to purchase their artwork. For an artist, this is essential information and needs to be included in their artist bio.

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