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If you’re a songwriter, you understand that telling a compelling story through the power of music can move, motivate, and inspire people to action. There is no difference when sharing your own personal story through a bio. In this case, you want your readers to listen to your music, collaborate with you on a project, or sign you for a publishing deal!

We’ll share what goes into a winning songwriter bio. Although the sample bio is primarily one for a songwriter, the same rules apply to a singer’s bio. In our sample songwriter bio, the artist is also a singer, but wanted their bio to highlight their songwriting, and in the process, the same rules were applied.

Names and titles have been changed for privacy.

As is valid with all artists and their expression of their art, so much of themselves goes into their art form that the first paragraph of their bio should say something about their craft as it relates to them. 

Songs can convey experiences, moods, life, and love, which is where Renee’s inspiration is generated. As a professional songwriter, Renee creates both music and lyrics. In reality, Renee does what is needed, whether it is to give an existing song life or create a new song. She writes music from honesty and experience; the creator and her audience feel every lyric and melody. 

In the following excerpt of this sample songwriter bio, we formally introduce the artist, and a few of her credits and claim to fame are named. In this case, this introduction includes her singer credits and her journey to her current persona.

Renee, formerly known as Shelly Harold, got her breakthrough moment as a lead vocalist with the  EDM-pop duo Chilly Chain, singing on their 2013 recording “Make Me Dance.” The song was played worldwide, receiving attention from the Chilly Chain fanbase, and put her on the map as a vocalist. She continued to write and collaborate with them through 2016.  

She later began working with record producer Kona G and wrote what would be later Peri Le Noir’s “I Need You.” As she developed her craft and perfected her songwriting abilities, Renee was born.

In the subsequent paragraph of this sample songwriter bio are the current successes in this songwriter’s genre. Remember, this is not a resume, so don’t name every success; you will need to determine the most important or current ones. 

A songwriter is expected to create music that speaks to the masses yet whispers to each individual as though it were written specifically for them. Renee delivers on both. Her global hit, “Running Away Fast” by Vanilla Salt proved this feat. Before going global, “Running Away Fast” premiered at Ultra Miami 2018. This song gathered millions of streams and became a top 10 dance hit, receiving an unbelievable amount of DJ support. The biggest influence came from DJ Goyo, who played “Gotta Get Away” during his EDC Las Vegas 2018 set. 

The last two subsequent paragraphs of this sample songwriter bio are for something personal and sincere that makes our songwriter special as an artist. So mentioned are the songwriter’s roots, i.e., the school she attended at the beginning when she was a child. Paying it forward is admirable, so you’d want to note that at the end of the bio and any hobbies or pets.

Renee got her start in music when she was accepted to the prestigious Professional Children’s School in New York at age 14. She later graduated and earned her degree from New York  University’s Tisch School of the Arts.  

To pay it forward, Renee is a tutor for the literary education non-profit 826LA, teaching young students reading, writing, and literature. In her free time, Renee loves to paint and spend time with her little Maltese Suzi. She resides in Los Angeles.

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