Breaking it Down: Sample Chief Marketing Officer Bio 

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Writing your own bio as a chief marketing officer or marketing executive? You’ve probably had experience writing bios and backgrounders for others in your career but may find it challenging to write your own. Today, we’ll guide you and break down a sample chief marketing officer bio. 

You’re a successful chief marketing officer, so start the bio with why you’re one of the best. What has your team said about you? What is your secret power? You know you have one and don’t have to be shy about it.

A chief marketing officer plays a considerable role in the company’s growth, so including numbers and revenue is an excellent choice. A long career as a chief marketing officer usually implies two facts – one is talent, and the second is that you love working in marketing.

The following sample chief marketing officer bio shows the world that this individual is a force that makes a difference.

Names of individuals and organizations have been changed to protect their privacy.

Combine a sharp acumen for technology with a real passion for building business, and you have just described Sam Jones. An experienced executive leader for over 30 years, Sam’s proven ability to build brands and find opportunities in unlikely places has earned him praise from both the media and industry stalwarts.

Sam is the Chief Marketing Officer of Becko, a capital management software solutions company. Sam interjects his proven skills as a hands-on brand builder in developing SaaS workforce management solutions across several industries. While working with subsidiary company EnTime, he helped take the brand from $7.6 million in revenue to exceeding $25 million in just ten years.

Sam’s enterprise B2B software and B2C marketing management expertise have helped position EnTime as the award-winning leader in wireless, mobile, and cloud-based time clock tracking solutions for clients worldwide. 

Sam is certainly no stranger to success; his vision for the future of technology enabled him to launch a  mail-order company– Mobile Planet, in the mid-1990s. With over $30 million in revenue, it became the nation’s largest direct reseller of mobile computing products and accessories. Introducing the industry to product-driven advertising and marketing, Sam developed a 56-page full-color catalog and award-winning website, the first of its kind in the mobile computing space. 

In the last few paragraphs, we want to know something about the man as a person. When people are successful in what they do, their beginnings and any hobbies or personal interests that make them an everyday person can bring some color to their bio. Life’s little details become the most interesting when it comes to a successful person. The last two paragraphs show exactly what we are talking about.

Sam started his first company at 25, creating computer demonstration videos in partnership with Microsoft, and entrepreneurship has always been a part of Sam’s DNA. Growing up in the farming community of El Centro, California, he learned about the value of hard work while observing his father run a restaurant. He studied computer technology at Coleman University in San Diego and later attended the Executive Program in Artificial Intelligence at the MIT Sloan School of Management. 

During his time off, Sam enjoys mentoring other business people. He’s been happily married for 30 years and has two grown children; his hobbies include mountain biking and hiking with his two dogs. Sam and his family reside in Agoura Hills, California. 

There’s no denying the importance of branding in your professional bio as a chief marketing officer. Watch this short video about branding by our sister company and creative branding agency EDK and Company!

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