How to Write a Consultant Bio: Example

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Different people have different preferences regarding what type of bios they want. At We Write Bios, we cater to all kinds of styles and approaches. Here, we break down a sample consultant bio.

This particular consultant (names have been changed for privacy) wanted a more direct, straightforward approach for her consultant bio. This consultant bio speaks more to the person’s professional skills only, which is great. While this can be done through a resume or CV, some prefer a bio that describes this in a story form. Having said that, this consultant bio gives us an insight into someone who is all business and gets the job done without coming out and saying it. 

In the first paragraph in this example consultant bio, we see that immediately two strong adjectives are used to describe her abilities regarding consulting. It is straight to the point – you get the feeling she pulls no punches. 

Dynamic and collaborative with a sharp ability to solve problems, Lesley Girard brings nearly 10 years experience as a senior leader within the education sector. From her role as a change agent to her uncanny ability to identify risks, Lesley has been able to help institutions retain employees and save hundreds of thousands of dollars through various EEO and employee relations initiatives. 

In the second paragraph of this consultant bio, we see the company she is currently consulting at and what she has been able to do for them. She practices what she preaches; she shows those who might want to use her services her level of ability.

Currently working as a consultant to the Office of Compliance & Diversity, Lesley provides guidance in a number of key areas, such as organizational development, succession planning, human resources, and employee relations. In her most recent position as the vice president of administration with the School Construction Authority, she helped to break down silos and facilitate communications by implementing special employee events, the first time in the organization’s history. She also improved employee retention by establishing a new comprehensive training program and ensured that HR employees were cross-trained and SHRM certified, ultimately improving HR services.  

In the last three paragraphs of this consultant bio, she shares a little about herself, and we get a sense of her as a person; everything is quickly applied to business and leadership. This client wanted a consultant bio that was all about consulting and how she could help future clients with their business needs.

One of Lesley’s strengths lies in her ability to thrive well under high-pressure situations, both  professionally and personally. In fact, it was this resilience that helped her overcome her battle  with cancer several years ago, giving her both the drive and insight to be a stronger, more dynamic leader. Lesley also brings her heritage as a biracial female to her various roles, promoting diversity and inclusiveness.  

Lesley got her career start in education working as the associate director of human resources for labor relations for Hostos Community College, and was later promoted to the position  of associate dean of finance and administration.  

A native of Queens, New York, Lesley received her master’s of public administration from the City College of New York. In her free time, Lesley enjoys paying it forward by working with youth through the Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City.

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