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Let’s face it – a great hair stylist is worth their weight in gold. A talented hair stylist is just as important as a great doctor in some circles. From our experience in writing bios for both roles, it seems that both knew from the time they were a child that they loved to play with hair or help sick people feel better. This usually means they love what they do and have some natural talent. Then, add professional training to the scenario, and you’ve got a home run!

So, if you’re a hair stylist and have been asked for a professional bio, or run your own salon and need a snappy Instagram bio, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll break down how to write a terrific hair stylist bio. 

In this hair stylist bio (names have been changed for privacy), we allude to her natural talent in the way she handles hair. The mention of the salons by name adds to the talent level of this hair stylist. A well-written hair stylist bio must speak to the level of the stylist if possible. The first three paragraphs of this hair stylist bio do just that.

Premier hair stylist and consultant Leticia Sanchez has always had a natural affinity for making hair look beautiful. Those who have watched her working on a client say that it is almost as though she is telepathically communicating with their hair. Leticia’s results are more of a transformation of the entire person.  

Leticia’s specialties include color correction and hair extensions. She graduated from the Aveda Institute Los Angeles. That was just the beginning; her talent and skills landed her with the likes of Goldwell, Redken, Tracey Cunningham in New York City, Vidal Sassoon Academy in London, and Kerastase.  

Leticia’s ability as a hair stylist has taken her all over the world, but what makes her different is what she has done with the knowledge. She parlayed her experience and kicked it up a notch, and by doing so, created a new level of transformational beauty that hair can provide. Her clients are literally a different person after they leave.

When writing a hair stylist bio, it is always important to address what makes you unique and good at what you do. You also re-emphasize any statements referenced at the beginning of the hair stylist bio.

For example, at the beginning of this hair stylist bio, it says, “always had a natural affinity…” In this next set of paragraphs, you will see, “What others saw as talent, for Leticia it was just doing what she loved.” This reaffirms to the reader that this hair stylist is talented. Bios are a huge part of branding an individual and very important for any working professional to increase their visibility and establish their reputation. 

Leticia will analyze the client’s hair and its condition to see if there is any damage; she does this for her information to yield the best results for the client. As Leticia listens to what the client wants, she considers the shape of the client’s face, skin tone, and every little detail that will contribute to the end result. Leticia’s secret to her success is her attention to detail and her quick ability to interpret that detail; it is her superpower.  

As far back as high school, Leticia worked at her friend’s salon helping out and learning the craft  as it happened. What others saw as talent, for Leticia, it was just doing what she loved.  

Leticia has always had a high level of repeat clients. Several of her clients are second-generation; mothers always want their daughters to have the best. This type of testimonial is priceless.  

At the end, we add something personal to round out this very talented professional.

Leticia was born in Costa Rica and came to the United States when she was six years old, settling with her family in Los Angeles. She’s happily married, has two grown children and a Labrador named Biscuit. Her hobbies include traveling, exercise, and living a healthy lifestyle. 

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