Designing the Perfect Graphic Designer Bio

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In today’s high-tech visual world, a graphic designer is imperative. So, if you are a graphic designer, then a graphic designer’s bio is akin to the air that you breathe. Since not all graphic designers are created equal, you need a vehicle to let it be known what sets you apart – which is where a professional bio comes in handy!

While a bio is fluid, a resume is static. It is the difference between reading off a list of bullet points or having an engaging conversation. So if you are a graphic designer, you owe it to yourself to have a creative graphic designer bio!

The following is a graphic designer bio sample, and we will explain why it is well written. Names have been changed for privacy purposes. 

Here in the first three paragraphs of this graphic designer bio, we know this person’s qualifications and strengths. We also describe detailed information about how she can work the software to create the desired result. The sky’s the limit regarding what she can do!

Ella Singleton blends her analytical and artistic abilities as the award-winning graphic designer for Starla Agency. With her exceptional attention to detail and ability to take on challenging projects, Ella brings immense value to the agency, with her focus on what works best for the clients and their business goals.  

Providing layout and design direction is just part of a regular workday for Ella. In addition to her duties as an illustrator and graphic designer, she also provides technical support for clients. She recently set up a brand new website for local wildlife refuge Friends of the Canyon and set up a point-of-sale system in their gift shop.  

Versatile and creative, Ella has recently begun pushing the limitations of Adobe InDesign  and working with variable data design within the print space. She successfully executed the  layout and design of the Genia Box, designing several card decks for the medical education company.  

In the next three paragraphs of this graphic designer bio, we see what makes her very unique. Not many graphic designers want to be physicists. This information gives us some insight into her talents and how she can design software to do something she needs. This graphic designer is also an award winner. 

At the end of the graphic designer bio, we learn a little bit about her as a person. This is a fun and informative way to end any bio.

Originally going to school to become a physicist, Ella quickly realized her strengths as an illustrator, so she began focusing her attention on this area. It wasn’t long before her talents began getting noticed and an opportunity arose to work as the Production Chief and Art Director at Mountain Student Publishing. She successfully worked in this role for ten years.

Ella has won several ADDY awards for her work and has exhibited at several venues, including the Blue Pomegranate Gallery. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Biola University.

A native of Omaha, Ella enjoys tour cycling, science fiction, and gaming in her free time.

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