Executive Bios: The Art of the LinkedIn Profile Summary

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For many executives, the LinkedIn profile serves as a first impression for not just fellow business colleagues, but also for potential headhunters and hiring managers who may be trying to fill new roles at their companies. Generally speaking, the LinkedIn profile summary must be written in first person, and it should be kept short and succinct, approximately 200-250 words.

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Here, we’ve broken down a sample LinkedIn profile summary for an executive:

As a driven solutions engineer with ABC Healthcare, I go to work everyday knowing that what I do makes a big difference for our customers. Communicating in the high-tech field is not for the faint of heart; it takes sharp skill and an ability to translate complex technical information for several audiences.

For LinkedIn it’s straight to business, tell everyone exactly what you do and what it takes to do it.

Working for ABC Healthcare, as well as in my previous position as a site manager at XYZ Medical Center, has enabled my best skill sets to flourish. I work on real-time location systems (RTLS) interfacing with customers, vendors, and contractors to implement design changes, perform installation functions, and optimize systems, as well as troubleshoot and train.

Go immediately into your current position and current company and how you have progressed in that current setting. Also, you want to be more specific but not too detailed. Always remember: be concise, accurate, and lace it with a bit of aspiration.

In doing so, I solve complex problems while communicating usable solutions for customers across various levels of understanding. I’m able to merge two very different worlds togetherit brings me great satisfaction to figure out solutions to difficult that to others. In fact, it’s really fun for me and what drives me everyday to be better at what I do.

Here it shows that this person is the solution and is very capable of solving a multitude of issues. He is truly knowledgeable, and the last sentence in the previous paragraph it shows he is aspirational — he loves what he does, it is fun for him!

Born in Minneapolis, my Midwestern work ethic was instilled in me at a very young age. I decided to pursue a degree in electronic technology and applied engineering at XYZ University, and the rest is history.

Although very subtle, the very last five words in this executive bio are humorous. It shows a little personality.

Learn about about writing a great LinkedIn profile summary in our short instructional video!

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