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Investopedia defines entrepreneur as an individual who creates a new business, bearing most of the risks and expenses and rewards associated with that business.

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So how do you approach writing an entrepreneur bio? You need to be prepared to add details that you wouldn’t normally put in a conventional professional bio. Why you might ask? Well, simply because in an entrepreneur bio, the unique path taken is usually a considerable part of what makes the story magic and is not often seen in a conventional bio. 

In this entrepreneur bio sample, the first question that’s answered right out of the park is why this entrepreneur is a winner. This entrepreneur bio sample is also written well because not only is the subject described in an interesting fashion, but he is also entertaining and educational.

Names and organizations in this sample company bio have been changed for privacy. 

A brewmaster working at his capacity is either a superhero or loves what he does. In the case of Nick Reilly, it is both. As a brewmaster and entrepreneur, Nick is responsible for all duties involved and related to the art of brewing beer. His approach, talent, and passion all make Nick a force to be reckoned with. 

From preparing beer mixtures with high accuracy in acquiring consistency in taste to the beer’s actual creation, one of Nick’s superpowers is his ability to scale up or down, regardless of the recipe involved. His attention to working effectively and efficiently is at perfection level. 

His attention to detail stems from his passion for beer. His unique approach allows his creativity to make sense, even to those who have a logical approach to life. Nick can pinpoint discrepancies in the brewing process that would lead to a specific outcome. He understands the properties of gases and liquids, the pH and pressure, and the fact that they all greatly influence the production of beer.

The second part of this entrepreneur bio sample describes the path Nick took. It looks as though every adventure was a piece of the puzzle that made Nick a force in his industry with his ingenuity and vision.

Nick graduated from New York University with a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and food studies. After graduation, he took on a part-time job as a Quality Assurance Analyst at multi-billion dollar brewery Miller Brewing Company. In a short period of time, he moved up from working part-time to Assistant Brewmaster and has led very large diverse teams in high production. Nick has also leveraged his knowledge as a brewmaster and industry expert to consult others in their quest for a place in the industry.

Nick has lived in 10 different countries, including Kenya, Greece, Venezuela, and Thailand, and is multilingual. For Nick, each country has a flavor, a specific scent, and colors that have become part of his approach to his life. That approach is what he brings to the art of beer. When creating a new recipe, he utilizes the creativity of those changes he experienced while in a foreign land. When he needs consistency, it’s his focus of home that kicks in. 

In the last part of this entrepreneur bio sample, we learn that Nick is just a regular, kind person who pays it forward, which gives the bio an aspirational tone. Inspiring others is the undercurrent of the true entrepreneur.

Nick believes in paying it forward. He has volunteered for several organizations, including Habitat for Humanity and Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

A resident of New York City, Nick is happily married to his wife, and they have two children. Their family also includes two dogs, Fred and Wilma, and a cat named Fishy. Nick is a self-proclaimed foodie and enjoys cooking and attending unique culinary events.

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