How to Write a Strong Nonprofit Bio

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If you have ever worked for a nonprofit organization, you know they are constantly on the move and very busy. For the most part, nonprofits exist to benefit society in some way. Whether you’re the CEO, director, or manager of a nonprofit organization, having a solid bio is essential when presenting yourself to colleagues, donors, or other personnel. We have outlined some key points in the following sample nonprofit bio. 

sample nonprofit bio

First and foremost, the first paragraph in your nonprofit bio has to be strong. Advocates for a cause are dynamic leaders who inspire others. All of this needs to be demonstrated in that first paragraph. Getting a sense of their strength in motivating others and driving fundraising and operations functions is critical and what makes this first paragraph a winner. 

Names and organizations in this sample nonprofit bio have been changed for privacy. 

As the CEO and president of Save the Music Foundation, Jessica McAdams brings the musician’s passion to the world and advocates for music education.

Responsible for overseeing all facets of the organization, Jessica drives the mission, fundraising, operations, and engagement with the board of directors. She has single-handedly turned the music organization around by aligning the day-to-day work with values around diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. 

In the next paragraph in this sample nonprofit bio proves and shows what Jessica has done to get her to this high level of success in the world of nonprofits. In fact, the whole nonprofit industry benefits from her involvement. This nonprofit bio was written for someone who wants to partner up with another organization, someone with aspirations. 

Exuding a dynamic leadership style that motivates, Jessica successfully balanced the budget, created a team of 40 members, and built a new business model. She then launched a successful $15M fundraising campaign.

The nonprofit sector employs about 11.9 million people; that’s approximately 1 in 10 working professionals. There are 10+ million nonprofits and non-governmental organizations globally, so the skills and her proven results makes this CEO of this nonprofit a great addition to the industry as a whole.

Jessica is a strong leader within the sector, making her a dynamic advocate for the entire nonprofit industry. She has extensive experience as a grantmaker focused on music and the arts.

This sample nonprofit bio is just for reference. You, as an individual, are unique and not a template, and so is your bio. Watch our short YouTube video for some instruction on writing a nonprofit bio!

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