Guidelines for Writing a Staff Bio

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It is amazing how in today’s current business climate of globalization, even a small family-owned business can throw their hats to the worldwide economy and make a significant contribution. That being said, it is important for that business, regardless of its size, to exude trust and familiarity among its vast competition. The easiest, most surefire way to do this is by showcasing your employees on your company’s website through engaging staff bios.

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Before there was the internet, businesses used to conduct their business from an actual physical location, otherwise known as a brick and mortar. So you would frequent this business and get to know the staff and the owner, and perhaps become friendly with their families. Out of that interaction came trust and loyalty.

How does a staff bio create familiarity with your customers? A bio is literally a written representation of yourself. Accompanied by a picture, your staff bio will help establish familiarity and trust with your clients.  

Here are some guidelines for your staff bio:

  1. Keep the staff bio short. 150-200 words is a good length.
  2. It should include your job title and responsibilities, as well as awards and/or significant accomplishments.
  3. Include an interesting fact that doesn’t have to do with work or career.
  4. Include brief information about family and hobbies.
  5. It should be written in the third person.

Including an interesting fact about yourself will make the staff bio interesting and engaging. For example, if you, the employee was on the show Jeopardy and beat Jeopardy James, this must be included. It doesn’t have to be this extreme, of course! If you compete in small ballroom dancing competitions or are an amateur chef, this would be nice to include. Or maybe you’re a graphic designer for a company, and you enjoy sewing pajamas for shelter animals to help them get adopted. Anything that sets you apart and makes you unique will make your staff bio that much more interesting. 

Learn more about writing a staff bio or bio for work in our short video!

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