Strike a Work-Life Balance Part 2: Helpful Tips

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The topic of work-life balance was inspired by some of our clients. Although they had accomplished certain career goals, several seemed to be lacking in the personal interests, hobbies, or “life” outside of work department. Some even went as far as tying in activities that were done as a team-building event at work as their source of personal enjoyment and hobby. 

If the only time you go bowling is when it is required at work for team building, then it’s work. If you go bowling once a week in your free time and started a bowling league, now we’re talking! That’s exactly what we mean by striking a work-life balance. It is an activity you get excited about. In this case, it is bowling and getting together with friends. 

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As stated in our previous blog, in order to have work-life balance, the correct mindset is very important. Just as the “work mode” is important for concentration and getting tasks done in an accurate and timely matter, the “life mode” mindset is also important.

Here are some important tips for a good work-life balance:

Prioritize your time in three categories:

  • Urgent & Important
  • Urgent not important
  • Not urgent or important

Manage your time long term

  1. Create a timeline of work activities
  2. Include family commitments, social life, and birthdays 
  3. On these commitment days, you don’t work

Have set hours and stick to them

This applies to self-employed individuals as well as individuals who work at companies. If you have set hours, don’t overdo the overtime. Too much overtime can cause burnout.

Make time to do what you love

This will make you happy, mentally stable, energize and invigorate you.

Take a hint from successful novelist John Grisham who was a criminal lawyer. In his free time, he wrote. True he wrote about the law which is what he knew, but this was his passion and it didn’t have to do with work.

Note: These guidelines apply for all, but might have to be modified if you work for a company and are not self-employed.

Remember, your life is just as important as your work, and if your work-life balance is approached correctly, one helps the other (as in the case of John Grisham). It will reflect in your bio, and will inspire others who read it!

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