How to Write a Great Speaker Bio

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With many people expanding their current roles in their professional life, some have actually found themselves a staple on the speaker circuit! That said, having a speaker bio is critical to marketing and the success of your speaking career.

Having a well-written speaker bio will engage the audience about you and what you’re all about. An engaging speaker bio will also attract others who feel that you are an accomplished, interesting person and want to hear what you have to say. In fact, if you don’t have a strong speaker bio for your speaking engagements, you’re doing a major disservice — not only to you, but to those who would truly benefit from your knowledge.

We have broken down a sample speaker bio and why it is effective (names have been changed for privacy). A well-written speaker bio gives information about the speaker, including an introduction on who he is and his story, without being overwhelming or overly dramatic. The style of writing is also akin to the speaker’s personality. 

These two paragraphs are all leading up to an exciting intro and story on the speaker. 

As a toddler, little Joe Martinez was a happy-go-lucky kid living with his mom in Owings Mills, Maryland. Then on November 22, 1985, in a fit of rage, his mother’s boyfriend held Joe’s face against an electric heater, thus producing horrific third-degree burns on over 50 percent of his little face. Today, Joe wears that scar on his face the way superheroes wear their capes, symbolizing their heroism and bravery.

As a motivational speaker, Joe exhilarates his audiences. He has a simplicity that speaks  volumes. His sense of humor will quickly make you accept a horrific act with a degree of  bravery. 

Providing accomplishments and education, and if there are any awards, may also be included. Just keep it short and succinct. 

Joe earned his bachelor’s degree from Bowie State University, then later went on to corporate sales and worked for Xerox and AT&T. Joe has been the keynote speaker for the US Department of Justice and the Child Abuse Prevention Network, just to name a few.

In this example, topic and tools are introduced; it’s very important to include this on the speaker bio, as it is part of his brand. 

Joe empowers his audiences with tools, which is part of his C.O.D.E.: 

Courage + Optimism + Determination + Encouragement = Life Transformation 

You can decide to what extent you include these speaker tools and philosophies, it just depends on the length of the speaker bio. Is the speaker bio going on a presentation board with the speaker’s picture, or on a personal website or packet given before the presentation? If the speaker bio is going to be next to a picture, then keep it as short as possible. In other places, you can make it longer and more detailed.

Just remember to always engage the audience with the way it is written. Then you’ll have a speaker bio that shines, just like the speaker should!

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