Know Thyself: 3 Important Tips on Writing a Bio

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Today we are living in a dual presence society. We have our physical life that we actually lead, as well as an online persona. A well-done online presence requires a well-written bio, your personal story to share with the world. So here are our three tips on writing a bio!

tips on writing a bio

1. Know your audience

If you are writing a bio for a dating website, the focus will be more casual than a short profile for a company website. Knowing your audience will engage the reader, and encourage them to read more about you.

For example, if you are a dog trainer and work for a non-profit rescue, your bio will highlight your work around helping homeless dogs. Yes, we know you are a dog trainer, but there is something you do within the world of dogs other than training that makes you not only unique, but an asset to homeless canines and those around you.

2. Write it in third person format

Remember, we are talking about a bio, not an autobiography. Writing a bio in third person makes the narrative objective. It also creates the illusion that you are a busy professional. You want to highlight what makes you unique. There are some variations of bios that are in first person, but for a standard professional bio you always want to keep it in third person format.

Correct format: John Davis graduated from the University of Maine with a Bachelor of Science in zoology.

Incorrect format: I graduated from the University of Maine with a Bachelor of Science in zoology.

3. A bio is not a resume

Do not just put the places you have worked and education you have received and expect your bio to be interesting. What makes a bio stand out is your essence, the unique element that comes out when you are being you. As crazy as this sounds it is true. When you’re talking about something that truly interests you, your true essence emerges from within. What makes a bio truly magic is your uniqueness.

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