Personal Bios Are Not Resumes

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Remember when you were still a kid living at home and you had just moved to a new neighborhood? You might have heard your parents talk about what the people next door did for a living, what their hobbies were, and that they sure were nice people. These and other details are very important to the community you call home.

What about a virtual community? With the advent of social media and specialty niche community websites, friendships are created online and your online persona becomes your real-life persona that happens to live online.

This is one of the many reasons having a personal bio is very important. A personal bio is a living and breathing document, containing facts, achievements — and the most important ingredient — your essence.

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Every person in this world is interesting, whether he or she knows it or not. Most people are too humble and don’t see what a good bio writer sees. This is the main reason most people find difficulty in writing their own bios.

To prove this point, imagine you are at a party and you see a person standing by him or herself. You go up to them and start a conversation. Aren’t you interested in what they are all about? This is exactly what a personal bio does.

Personal bios give the reader a quick rundown of your achievements, hobbies, goals, and what you are currently doing. A personal bio is not a resume; it may contain some information from your resume, but the main purpose of the personal bio is for the reader to get a chance to learn who you are, very much like you would a new co-worker, neighbor or that person you met at that party. A personal bio describes a person’s essence, which is the magic ingredient that can’t be duplicated; your essence is as unique as your fingerprint.

There are many needs for a personal bio. Maybe your boss is requesting one for the company’s website, or you need a short bio for your social media account (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). Maybe you’re an emerging author and need a bio for a book you’ve written, or you’re an actor updating your IMDB site. Regardless of the need, having a well-written personal bio is an important tool for your marketing arsenal!

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