Meet the Team Bios: Getting Started

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Team bios are usually found on a company website. On a typical company website, this would be on the “About Us” page, with a headline such as “Meet Our Team Members” or something along those lines. 

As a team member of a company, you represent the ensemble that makes things happen. Meet the Team bios are an excellent way for clients to feel as though they know your company; they evoke trust. In business, trust and familiarity will establish customer loyalty.

meet the team bios

The globalization of companies through the internet does have great perks, but knowing the actual people you are doing business with isn’t one of them. So all businesses, regardless of the size or the industry, should have Meet the Team bios of their team members.

Team bios have an energy all their own. As people read the team bios and look at the corresponding team member’s picture, they imagine the team culture and how the individuals fit into it.

If you are a team member of a company, you represent the ensemble that makes things happen. If you are the owner or the CEO of a company, your team is the heart and soul of your business — they are what keeps things going.

These are two different points of view, but the end result is identical. These bios serve a specific purpose and should be relatable to both the company owners and the team members.

Here are the main ingredients for a formal introduction, because technically, that’s the purpose of a team bio:

  1. A picture of each team member
  2. Full legal name, and if they have a nickname, i.e. “Nicky”
  3. Position title and a brief description of business-related awards or achievements

Now for the rest of their introduction. In a short paragraph, include education or specific training. Also, include a specific superpower — maybe Nicky loves to bake vegan cookies for the staff or is a great bowler at staff parties. Perhaps Nicky loves to jump on a pogo stick and enters contests. Include any unique traits that add to his/her personality.

Ideally, the bio should be written in third-person, but depending on the tone of the website content, the bios can also be written in first-person.

As long as the important facts are included, Meet the Team bios that have personality and quirkiness always hit a home run, and can help drive business and customer loyalty.

Get some more tips on how to write a bio for work in our short video!

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