Getting Started on Your Volunteer Bio

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Those who truly give of themselves to support a cause deserve their bio on the company’s site. In a nonprofit organization, many times the organization runs on both paid and volunteer staff. These volunteers aren’t just kids trying to pad their resumes for college; they come from all walks of life. These volunteers are doctors, nurses, lawyers, real estate agents, the list goes on! Many found their passion and are contributing not only their time but also financial support.

Many volunteers also work at their current jobs or business and come in on weekends and holidays. We know of one volunteer who has a construction business, and along with his crew he fixed and built much-needed items at the local animal shelter where he volunteers. These types of volunteers are truly selfless and worth their weight in gold. So in lieu of pay, every courtesy and nicety given must be exceptional.

Volunteer bios must feature what currently do for a living or the line of work he or she has retired from. A volunteer bio must also highlight the charity or charities of choice and their missions. A volunteer’s time should be honored because they donate something of value that they could otherwise get compensated for.

What are the must-haves in a volunteer bio?

  1. Full name, and if there is a nickname, include it.
  2. Their current or retired career. 
  3. Awards or accolades they have received in their career. 
  4. Their superpower at the organization where they are volunteering their time.
  5. Hobbies (other than volunteering), if any. 
  6. Include a picture, depending on the organization.
  7. Include mentions of their family.

* Some other helpful tips for your volunteer bio:

           * Make sure to keep it as short as possible, no more than a couple of paragraphs.

           * Adding humor is a very nice touch.

           * Add in anything important to the volunteer, or even a quote or why they volunteer.

Need some more guidance about writing your bio for the nonprofit sector? We provide some more tips and a sample nonprofit bio in our short video!

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