Revealing Yourself Through Your Bio

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When having your bio written, whether you’re writing it yourself or are having it written by a professional bio writer, you must be ready to reveal a sense of who you are. We don’t mean you need to reveal personal information such as addresses, phone numbers or family secrets, but you do need to reveal a sense of who you really are. 

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For example, let’s say you’re an executive at a large cosmetics company. The company requires that everyone have a bio on the company’s website so as to create the feeling of familiarity and friendliness among the organization and their customers. In this situation, revealing that you have a family and love to go camping, surfing or boating will give the people what they want. Yes, they know who you are at work, but on your own time what is it that you enjoy doing? 

For people who want a bio for their own business site, regardless of the industry you’re in, remember there are other people in your industry that do what you do. Revealing those little details in the “About Me” page will engage your potential customer or client. 

Depending on the industry, like-minded people are usually attracted to certain industries. Let’s say you work for a niche business like a sporting goods retailer and the company requests your bio for their company website. Most of the viewers that read it are going to be like-minded people who enjoy outdoor activities. So revealing that you love to go hiking with your family or camping with your friends from college reveals just enough so the reader gets an idea of who you are, and engages the potential customer to possibly shop at your store!

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