Breaking it Down: Sample Photographer Bio

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If you’re a photographer, you grasp the concept of putting together visuals to capture a moment in time to tell a story. This is no different from crafting together words to tell a fantastically written story through a professional bio.

Today, we’ll break down a sample photographer bio. This bio is a great model because it gives the reader a firm idea of the photographer’s art and the mindset needed to appreciate the photographs that have been created – in other words, the photographer’s intention for his photographs.

This type of short photographer bio works perfectly for a gallery showing, any book signing as part of the program booklet given about the artist, or a book cover for a book authored by the artist. 

This short sample photographer bio is written in a manner that automatically brands the artwork, uniquely highlighting its descriptive style. At the beginning of the sample photographer bio, we start with a quote from the artist – an excellent choice.

Names of individuals have been changed to protect their privacy.

My goal is to have my photographs linger like a memory that stays with you, so their impact can be felt over and over again.”

The subsequent paragraphs talk about the artist, his art, and why it is significant.

As a photographer, Daniel Morris can subliminally communicate emotions and feelings randomly hidden in life’s compositions. Many consider Daniel, an artistic poet who uses photographs as his vehicle. 

Daniel has traveled worldwide, including Dubai, Chile, Japan, and Alaska, in the name of photography. Daniel’s photographs are meant to be experienced on two levels — the surface and the visceral.

Unbeknownst to the observer, a thought gently breezes into their minds as they view Daniel’s photographs. This gentle breeze whisks in and is felt as emotions, perhaps lost memories—maybe a song brought on by the thought of lost love. It’s all there captured in one fleeting moment and is the reason his photographs make an impact.

This photographer’s bio is about the photographer’s art, not necessarily about the photographer, even though talking about their art says a lot about the artist. This type of bio is carefully crafted because it’s art. The personal information about the artist is discussed at the end.

Daniel is a native of Antwerp, Belgium, and in addition to his art, he’s a successful software engineer. In his free time, he enjoys traveling and flying.

Branding yourself as a photographer can start with having a professional bio that tells your story and describes your art. Watch this short video by our sister company and creative branding agency, EDK and Company, about the importance of branding!

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