Strike a Work-Life Balance: Why It’s Important

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It may as well go without saying — in order to have an interesting bio you should really have a good work-life balance. Otherwise you might as well be a robot! For the most part, a bio needs to give the reader a taste of the entire person. While first and foremost it should outline career accomplishments, it can also outline hobbies, volunteer activities, family and pets — just about anything not having to do with work.

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With the onset of the internet and remote jobs, our ability to work from anywhere in the world and at any time have blurred the lines of our work-life balance. Is it really working if we are on vacation in Barbados overlooking the ocean from the terrace, and decide to pull out our laptop and check on a few things?   

If you are struggling to answer the question, you don’t have a balance on your work-life ratio. Granted, many of us love our jobs and it is not a burden at all to work and be productive, but truly having a life outside of work is a mindset, not a location. If you are creating a spreadsheet on your laptop while on the beach in Barbados, you’re still working! 

Imagine reading a book that didn’t have chapters. The book would just go on and on without any indication of being close to a resolution of any kind. If you’re always working, you’ll never finish working. Plot (pun intended) out personal time with the necessary mindset to go along with it. In other words, plan those important “me days” to practice your hobby or spend time with your family doing what you love. They are important to your overall health and make you an interesting person that others want to read about. 

On our next blog post, we will give priceless tips that have worked for many of our staff members and friends for a healthy work-life balance. 

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