The Art of the Creative Bio

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After having written thousands of bios for our many clients, our staff at live by one very important motto, and that is that there is no such thing as a typical client. We have many clients request a creative bio for their needs, so we thought we would share some creative bio examples for some inspiration.

First and foremost — a friendly reminder that a bio is not a resume. However, a professional bio will contain some information from your resume, simply because your work history is a part of what you have accomplished in your life. The one important similarity that a bio and resume share is that they should be updated periodically, as life is not static.

Ready for some writing inspiration? Read on!

Creative Bio Examples

Here is a creative bio sample excerpt (names have been changed for privacy):

If it involves fabric, Germain’s Auto & Home Upholstery can reupholster and restore anything into its original peak of perfection. Staying with the integrity of the piece is an important part of owner Joseph’s mastery. This is especially critical in antique restoration — being accurate in the history or era the piece was created is what set Germain’s Auto & Home Upholstery apart from the rest. 

In this creative bio example, we inserted an important fact that sets our client apart, which is that his company is historically correct when it comes to restorations. This also helps reach out to potential customers that would be an ideal match for his company. Our client mentioned that the partner was a history buff and loved to stay accurate when doing restoration work on cars. This detail adds to the creativity of the bio by sneaking in a fact that not everyone takes into account.

Here is another creative bio sample. In this excerpt, this is a prominent doctor who had just partnered with with a Christian university medical school:

The partnership between Dr. Pascal and Emory University is a match made in heaven. When Dr. Pascal decided to practice medicine, the path he took was one of being both innovative and progressive. Dr. Pascal saw that by using ultrasound in emergency situations, precise monitoring and on the spot diagnoses could save time, and ultimately the patient. Emory University also sees the future now, and incorporates innovations and progressive ideals into its curriculum to fill future voids in the medical field. 

What makes this a great creative bio example is the reference to a celestial body, which adds to the magic of the organization he teamed up with. Since doctors are known to be science-driven, all bases have been covered both scientifically and spiritually, since this partnership is a “match made in heaven.”

In summary,  a creative bio uses a word, a fact, or a detail to paint a picture of what could otherwise be said in a simple, nondescript sentence. This is what gives the creative bio life.

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