The Artist Bio: Breaking it Down

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So what goes into an artist bio, you ask? Well, this bio is very different from other bios because education itself doesn’t make you a great artist, nor does it display how talented you really are. That being said, a bio is not a resume, but it is a slice of life that describes how you were introduced to your artform.  Perhaps your particular art education influenced you, or maybe you’re a rebel and kept your art pure, away from the status quo. Either way, this will say a lot about who you are as an artist and your style. 

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The artist bio should be written in third-person narrative and should include a personal artist statement. The personal artist statement should share the reason that you are compelled to express yourself through your art form. 

In addition, your bio should include any accomplishments; these are your calling card. Accomplishments are essential on all bios, but especially in artist bios, as the path of an artist is usually a road less traveled.

For example, if you were commissioned by the White House to do the President’s portrait, this would say exactly what we want to know about you and your art. This is very different from working as a comic book artist for DC Comics. Regardless of what your accomplishments are, these are gold to your bio. 

Your art, as well as where it is displayed, will direct how your bio should proceed. 

The information itself will stay the same, but what will change is the tone of your bio.

A compelling artist bio includes:

  • Name
  • Type of artist 
  • Name of your brand (art company or business)
  • Your slice of life story, which can include education or any traveling having to do with your art
  • Accomplishments
  • Pro-bono passions, charities, causes
  • Hobbies

A part of who you are goes into your art, so the bio should be written so that an interest in your artwork and who you are as the artist is sparked. As an artist, you inspire others, and the bio is the perfect vehicle to inform those who were meant to be inspired by your art.

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