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A LinkedIn profile bio or summary differs from other short bios in that it has to fill several purposes in a brief, concise manner. Let’s translate this summary in real world terms. 

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You are at a college reunion for your alma mater and you see an old friend that you haven’t seen since graduation. You want to share what you’ve been up to in your career and life. It is with this mindset that the LinkedIn bio or profile summary should be written in.

The LinkedIn profile bio or summary should also be written in first-person narrative and shouldn’t be any longer than 300-350 words, shorter if possible. So let’s go back to that reunion. Are you going to go through an entire list of career moves and every little detail? Probably not, because your old friend would want to leave you in a hurry!

If your LinkedIn profile bio or summary is too long-winded and without personality, the potential reader or viewer might just “pass” onto the next one. So a lot is riding on the job of your LinkedIn bio. It should be taken as seriously as if you were right there talking in person. If you are a business, then use first-person plural, otherwise if you are an individual, the preference is first-person singular narrative. 

Your personality is what will set you apart from the rest. Personality is a subjective word which tends to confuse many people, because it is a combination of many traits but not necessarily any one specific trait. Here is a secret: when you use your personality, you inject an aspirational element into the profile, which is important part of making your profile stand out among the sea of others in your space.

We break down a sample LinkedIn profile summary in our short instructional video!

Many successful people on their career track find writing about themselves hard to do, mainly because they start judging themselves. If this is you, either stop judging yourself or hire a professional bio writer who can write it for you. Then get your LinkedIn profile bio or summary up for the world to see!

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“Those who judge will never understand, and those who understand will never judge.” — Wilson Kanadi

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